Young, Donna

Young, Donna


Title: Paraprofessional

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Donna Young

I am, Donna Young, a certified paraprofessional at Dodson School since 2007.  I am married and have three grown children, twelve grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.  Over the time at Dodson I have worn many different hats some include: a Reading Tutor, Classroom Aide, Special Ed Tutor, and Librarian .

I have been privileged to work with students from all grades, Kindergarten through Twelfth grade in my years at Dodson.

This year has been exciting as I teach fourth graders reading and have third grade math. They are always eager to learn and show continued progress in their studies.

My years at Dodson have been rewarding as I have watched many of my students grow, mature, and advance academically.